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Chapa Elementary Green Club

This year is a new year once again for our campus Green Club. This year our newly elected officers have begun their meetings and have a vast amount of goals they would like to accomplish. They have already began by creating the clubs’ new citation for leaving lights on, projectors on, computers on, etc. They coordinate with the sponsors and take turns on rotation schedules they created to actively monitor the hallways during teachers lunch/PE time. In addition, Fifth grader Roman Flores was assigned the task of having a group of students every Friday afternoon to turn off the computers in all labs. They take “Saving Energy” serious at Chapa Elementary.

            Green Club President Mariana Castillo along with a few members have created an IMovie video on collection of pull tabs and the importance of why we collect them. They are going into classrooms on scheduled times to present and help encourage students to submit pull tabs. “This year is our year”, says Mariana! Her goal isn’t necessarily to collect the most pull tabs, but instead to help educate our community in the importance of collecting pull tabs.

             This year the club would like to work on a few projects to involve the community. One project they are excited about is making a butterfly garden at our campus. With the help of students, staff, parents and the community they hope to have this in place by next article. So stay tuned!

Left to Right: Vice Pres Ariana Espinoza , Treasurer Roman Flores, President Mariana Castillo and Secretary Lorena Andrade

2016-2017 Green Club officers on patrol as WATT Detectives. As you can see 4th Grade teacher Mrs. T. Sobrevilla left lights on. Secretary L. Andrade documenting date, time and the infraction.  



Pk students turning in pull tabs to Green club.

Top Left to Rt- 5th Graders Jorge Salinas, Chelsey Lopez, Mariana Castillo, Brittney Juarez, Alexis Montalvo

Bottom Left to Rt- PK students- Shawn Veliz, Scarlette Rodriguez, Gisell Rodriguez, Leonardo Gamez

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